Club GPS Location Data

Club GPS data is available in several formats including for most common SatNav devices. or to load into mapping applications such as Google Maps or Google Earth.

Mapping Applications

Data is available in two standard formats: Keyhole Markup Language (.kml, or .kmz for the compressed version), and GPS Exchange Format (.gpx). Pretty much all modern GPS applications will be able to import one, or usually both, of these formats.

For Google Maps download the kml file below, and follow the import instructions for Google My Maps.

For Google Earth simply download the kmz file below, and open it in the application.

How to Download Satellite Navigation Club POI Files

Important note from Webmaster: These files have been verified to work on TomTom devices, but I don't have access to Garmin and Navman devices. I am sure they will work, but use at your own risk. If you have a device from either manufacturer please email me at if they work - and don't forget to tell me which device. Thanks.

You can now download a Point of Interest (POI) file onto your Sat Nav or laptop giving you instant directions to every club in SEMLA. Please consult your device user manual before downloading/uploading any POI files to your system.

Files are provided for TomTom, Garmin, and Navman.

* POI files are supplied as a tool only. SEMLA cannot accept any responsibility for any errors or omissions contained within. When using SatNav, please observe road safety regulations and use in conjunction with common sense and pre-planning of your route.


Download the TomTom SEMLA POI zip file and save it to a location on your computer. Extract the files. This download contains two files: an .ov2 & a .bmp file.

  • Attach your TomTom unit / TomTom Memory Card to your computer (see your TomTom documentation for instructions on how to do this).
  • Using My Computer (located in the Windows Start Menu) navigate to the Great Britain Map directory or Western Europe map directory (if you are using a MAC use Finder to locate the directory). Copy the .ov2 and .bmp files to this directory.
  • Now, using your TomTom, go to Change Preferences > Manage POI > Add POI and select SEMLA.
  • To navigate to your chosen club select: Navigate to... > Point of Interest > SEMLA. Then select one of the clubs on the list and follow the on-screen instructions.

For more information go to the TomTom website.


In order to use the POIs on Garmin SatNav equipment you need the Garmin POI Loader software. Make sure that all POI files (.csv and .bmp) are in the same folder, along with any existing POI files. Each time you upload new POI files it wipes out any previously loaded custom points, so make sure all your POI files are in the same folder.

Uploading the files:

  • Unzip the POI files into a folder (eg "My Documents\Garmin POIs")
  • Make sure POI Loader software is installed and then connect your Garmin Unit (or memory card) to your PC using the supplied USB lead (or card reader)
  • If the software does not automatically start, open it now.
  • Browse for your POI folder and follow the on screen instructions.

For more information go to the Garmin website.


Every version of Navman has different instructions for uploading the POI file. Please download the Navman SEMLA POI zip file and refer to your instruction manual.

You can download instruction manuals for all models of Navman equipment from the Navman website.