SEMLA Development Fund Appeal

One of the main aims of SEMLA, in addition to organising and managing the playing of men’s lacrosse in the southern half of England and Wales, is to help fund the development of the game in the south. This includes, not only grants for equipment for new clubs, but also joint funding of development projects for existing clubs.

In 2006 we matched a £2,377 donation by the Centurions to help set up lacrosse in Swansea, Cardiff, Exeter and Stafford Universities plus East Coast Lacrosse and the Royal Navy. In 2008 we provided 4 SEMLA grants of £250 each to Reading, Purley, Spencer and Cambridge University Lacrosse Clubs. These grants, especially those in 2006, have gone a long way to assist the phenomenal growth of the game in the south.

We would like to continue our policy of providing financial support but our funds are limited. The only major income SEMLA receives which is not used for specific administrative costs is the profit from the South Six-a-Side tournament. We are therefore asking for individuals to help us by agreeing to give an annual donation to the ‘SEMLA Development Fund’. All this money, together with some of the surplus we receive from our other activities, will then be used to provide grants to new or existing clubs in the south of England and Wales to develop the game of men’s lacrosse.

We plan to use the umbrella organisation of the South of England Lacrosse Educational Trust (SELET) to assist us. The trust has charitable status which enables us to receive government funding through Gift Aid. For each £10 donated by basic rate tax payers they can claim £2.50 from the Inland Revenue. In addition, 40% rate taxpayers, who make donations, can themselves claim tax relief of £2.50 by including the donation on their tax return. So each £10 given by basic rate payers raises £12.50, and each £10 given to the sport by 40% rate tax payers costs them £7.50 and raises £12.50 (figures correct as at August 2016).

We are asking all clubs to circulate this appeal to all their members, playing and non-playing, so that as much money as possible can be raised, on an annual basis preferably by the use of standing orders. This will allow SEMLA to continue to play a major part in the ongoing development of the game of men’s lacrosse in the southern half of the United Kingdom.

Trevor Rogers
SEMLA President

How To Donate

To make a donation please make your cheque payable to SELET and complete the Donor Declaration Form below. At the time of the first donation by a particular donor, a Gift Aid Declaration Form needs to be completed. If you wish to set up a standing order, a form is included below. The SELET account details are as follows:

Account Name:South of England Lacrosse Educational Trust
Sort Code:40-18-41
Account. No.:42341530

Gift Aid is only applicable to personal donations by UK taxpayers. Gift Aid cannot be reclaimed on donations by companies or on payments due to a club in any event.

On receipt of the forms and the funds SELET will allocate these to the SEMLA Development Fund. Periodically, SELET will claim the Gift Aid from HM Revenue and Customs and add the funds received to the SEMLA Development Fund account.

Communications with SELET should be directed to the Secretary:

Rob Collinge
12 Walsingham, St John’s Wood Park, London NW8 6RG
Tel: 07976 937990