2017/18 Fixtures

Home clubs should inform the SEMLA Fixtures Secretary of their results, in preference by text message to 07977 130194, or via email to semla.fixtures@southlacrosse.org.uk, as soon as possible after the game so that their results can be included in that week's update of the tables.

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30th September 2017

7th October 2017

Home Away Comp
Hampstead 2:30pm 3G Cambridge Uni Prem
Reading Wildcats 2pm 3G Hitchin Prem
Spencer 2pm Hillcroft Prem
Walcountian Blues 12pm Cardiff Harlequins Prem
Welwyn Warriors 2pm 3G Bristol Bombers Prem
East Grinstead 2pm 3G Maidstone East1
Hillcroft A 2pm 3G Hillcroft B East1
Oxford Uni 2pm Spencer 3 East1
Purley 2pm 3G Welwyn Warriors 2 East1
Spencer 2 2pm Epsom East1
Brighton Panthers 2pm 3G Guildford Gators East2
Buckhurst Hill 2pm Milton Keynes East2
Cambridge Eagles 2pm East Grinstead A East2
London Uni 2pm Reading Wildcats 2 East2
Epsom 2 2pm Canterbury East3
Hitchin A 2pm Spencer 4 East3
Royal Holloway 2pm Oxford Iroquois East3
Bath 2 R - R Bath West
Birmingham Cowboys 2pm 3G Exeter Uni West
Bournemouth 2pm Plymouth City West
Bristol Bombers 2 12pm Warwick Uni West
Plymouth Uni 2pm Southampton West
Bath City 2pm Bath Students John Harrop Cup

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