Birmingham Uni Fixtures 2021/22

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Both home and away teams need to send in results to See the Club Responsibilities page for more information.

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Date Home Away Comp
Oct 31 Lincoln City R - R Birmingham Uni L-Mid
Nuneaton 2 R - R Birmingham Uni L-Mid
Nov 14 Birmingham Uni 4 - 6 City of Stoke L-Mid
Birmingham Uni 0 - 6 Nuneaton L-Mid
Dec 05 Leicester City 10 - 0 w/o Birmingham Uni L-Mid
Warwick Uni 10 - 0 w/o Birmingham Uni L-Mid


Date Home Away Comp
Feb 20 Loughborough Lions 2pm 3G
at Leicester City
Birmingham Uni L-Mid
Leicester City 2pm 3G Birmingham Uni Friendly

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