Cheltenham 2 Fixtures 2020/21

Please make sure you follow the Coronavirus Guidance.

Both home and away teams need to send in results to See the Club Responsibilities page for more information.

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Date Home Away Comp
Oct 03 Cheltenham 2 R - R Bath Uni L-Cot2
24 Cardiff Harlequins R - R Cheltenham 2 L-Cot2
Nov 21 Cheltenham 2 2pm Bristol Bombers 2 L-Cot2
Dec 05 Cheltenham 2 R - R Bristol Bombers 2 L-Cot2


Date Home Away Comp
Jan 16 Bristol Bombers 2 2pm Cheltenham 2 L-Cot2
30 Cheltenham 2 2pm Cardiff Harlequins L-Cot2
Feb 20 Bath Uni 2pm Cheltenham 2 L-Cot2

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