Hampstead Fixtures 2017/18

Home clubs should inform the SEMLA Fixtures Secretary of their results, in preference by text message to 07977 130194, or via email to semla.fixtures@southlacrosse.org.uk, as soon as possible after the game so that their results can be included in that week's update of the tables.

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Date Home Away Comp
Sep 30 Cardiff Harlequins 2pm Hampstead Prem
Oct 07 Hampstead 2:30pm 3G Cambridge Uni Prem
14 Walcountian Blues 2pm Hampstead Prem
21 Spencer 2pm Hampstead Prem
28 Hampstead 2:30pm 3G Reading Wildcats Prem
Nov 04 Welwyn Warriors 2pm 3G Hampstead Prem
18 Hampstead 2:30pm 3G Bristol Bombers Prem
Dec 02 Hampstead 2:30pm 3G Hillcroft Prem


Date Home Away Comp
Jan 06 Hitchin 2pm Hampstead Prem
13 Hampstead 2:30pm 3G Cardiff Harlequins Prem
20 Cambridge Uni 2pm Hampstead Prem
27 Hampstead 2:30pm 3G Walcountian Blues Prem
Feb 03 Hampstead 2:30pm 3G Spencer Prem
10 Reading Wildcats 2pm 3G Hampstead Prem
17 Hampstead 2:30pm 3G Bristol Bombers Snr Flag QF
Mar 03 Hampstead 2:30pm 3G Welwyn Warriors Prem
10 Bristol Bombers 12pm Hampstead Prem
17 Hampstead 2:30pm 3G Hitchin Prem
24 Hillcroft 2pm 3G Hampstead Prem
Apr 21 Sixes

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