Southampton Fixtures 2017/18

Home clubs should inform the SEMLA Fixtures Secretary of their results, in preference by text message to 07977 130194, or via email to, as soon as possible after the game so that their results can be included in that week's update of the tables.

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Date Home Away Comp
Sep 30 Southampton 2pm 3G Warwick Uni West
Oct 07 Plymouth Uni 2pm Southampton West
14 Southampton 2pm 3G Bath 2 West
21 Southampton 2pm 3G Bath West
28 Bournemouth 2pm Southampton Mnr Flag R32
Nov 11 Southampton 2pm 3G Bristol Bombers 2 West
18 Exeter Uni 2pm Southampton West
Dec 02 Southampton 2pm 3G Plymouth City West
09 Cheltenham 2pm Southampton West
16 Southampton 2pm 3G Bournemouth West


Date Home Away Comp
Jan 06 Birmingham Cowboys 2pm 3G Southampton West
13 Warwick Uni 2pm Southampton West
20 Southampton 2pm 3G Plymouth Uni West
27 Bath 2 2pm Southampton West
Feb 03 Plymouth City R - R Southampton West
10 Bath 2pm Southampton West
24 Bristol Bombers 2 12pm Southampton West
Mar 03 Southampton 2pm 3G Exeter Uni West
17 Southampton 2pm 3G Cheltenham West
24 Bournemouth 2pm Southampton West
Apr 07 Southampton 2pm 3G Birmingham Cowboys West
21 Sixes

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