Flags Winners

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Year Senior Intermediate Minor Division 3 Division 4 Midlands
2015 Spencer Hillcroft A Oxford Univ.
2014 Spencer Cardiff Harlequins London Univ.
2013 Spencer Bristol Bombers Oxford Univ.
2012 Spencer Bath Epsom
2011 Walcountian Blues Bristol Bombers Exeter Univ.
2010 Walcountian Blues Cardiff Harlequins Cardiff Harlequins A
2009 Spencer Cardiff Harlequins Spencer 2
2008 Hampstead Cardiff Harlequins Brighton Panthers Birmingham Bulls
2007 Purley East Grinstead UWIC Loughborough Univ.
2006 Hampstead Oxford Univ. East Grinstead Nottingham Univ.
2005 Hampstead Bath Cambridge Univ.
2004 Purley Bath Bath Univ.
2003 Purley Oxford Univ. Bath Univ.
2002 Purley Hitchin Bath Univ.
2001 Purley Hampstead Walcountian Blues
2000 Purley Hitchin Penarth
1999 Kenton Hitchin
1998 Hampstead Beckenham Hitchin A
1997 Purley Tatsfield Hitchin
1996 Kenton Croydon Kenton A
1995 Kenton Hampstead Croydon A
1994 Kenton Oxford Univ. Enfield
1993 Kenton Beckenham Hitchin A
1992 Kenton Croydon Hillcroft A
1991 Hampstead Buckhurst Hill Beckenham A
1990 Hampstead Beckenham A
1989 Hampstead Buckhurst Hill A
1988 Hampstead Beckenham Bath A
1987 London Univ. Bath Croydon A
1986 Hampstead Croydon Bath
1985 London Univ. Cambridge Univ. Three Bridges Beckenham A Beckenham B
1984 Hampstead Hampstead A Purley A Hampstead B
1983 Kenton Beckenham Bexleyheath Three Bridges
1982 Hampstead Purley A Buckhurst Hill C Croydon A
1981 Hampstead Cambridge Univ. Oxford Iroquois Beckenham A
1980 Oxford Univ. Kenton A Buckhurst Hill B
1979 Buckhurst Hill St Helier Barnet
1978 Hampstead Hampstead A Croydon A
1977 Hampstead Croydon Kenton A
1976 Hampstead Hampstead A St Helier A
1975 Lee Hampstead Hurons Purley C
1974 Lee Beckenham Oxford Iroquois
1973 Lee Bexleyheath Croydon A
1972 Lee London Univ. Purley B
1971 Lee Kenton Old Sedcopians A
1970 Lee Lee A
1969 Hampstead Croydon
1968 Lee Buckhurst Hill
1967 Purley Buckhurst Hill
1966 Cambridge Univ. Purley B
1965 Cambridge Univ. Old Sedcopians
1964 Lee Beckenham
1963 Cambridge Univ. Purley A
1962 Cambridge Univ. Cambridge Eagles
1961 Oxford Univ. Purley B
1960 Cambridge Univ. Woodmansterne
1959 Cambridge Univ. Purley II
1958 Oxford Univ. Purley II
1957 Cambridge Univ. Purley II
1956 Cambridge Univ. Cambridge Eagles
1955 Cambridge Univ. Purley II
1954 Cambridge Univ. Beckenham
1953 Purley Purley A Purley B
1952 Purley Hampstead II Henry Thornton School
1951 Oxford Univ. Purley Kings Lee II
1950 Cambridge Univ. Cambridge Eagles Chislehurst & Sidcup School
1949 Cambridge Univ. Cambridge Eagles Walworth School
1948 Cambridge Univ.
1947 Hampstead
1939 Hampstead St Dunstan's College Old Dunstonians II
1938 Willoughby Purley Buckhurst Hill II
1937 Hampstead Old Thorntonians Old Dunstonians II
1936 Surbiton Old Thorntonians Hampstead II
1935 Cambridge Univ. Old Dunstonian's Briston Univ.
1934 Cambridge Univ. WD & HO Wills Old Dunstonians II
1933 Oxford Univ. Old Dunstonian's Henry Thornton School
1932 Oxford Univ. Purley Henry Thornton School
1931 Oxford Univ. WD & HO Wills Hampstead II
1930 Oxford Univ. St Dunstan's College Surbiton II
1929 Lee Catford II Buckhurst Hill II
1928 Oxford Univ. Purley Cambridge Univ. II
1927 Oxford Univ. St Dunstan's College Lee II
1926 Buckhurst Hill Surbiton St Dunstons College
1925 Buckhurst Hill WD & HO Wills Willoughby II
1924 Hampstead Buckhurst Hill II Catford II
1923 Oxford Univ. WD & HO Wills Catford II
1922 Lee Keynsham Buckhurst Hill II
1921 Lee West London
1914 Lee Buckhurst Hill West London II
1913 Lee Blackheath Oxford Univ. II
1912 Lee Lee II
1911 Lee Purley
1910 Catford St Dunstans College
1909 Catford Woodford
1908 Surbiton St Dunstans College
1907 Surbiton West London II
1906 Surbiton Catford II
1905 Surbiton Cambridge Univ.
1904 Catford Woodford II
1903 Woodford Cambridge Univ. II
1902 Woodford Catford
1901 Woodford Catford
1900 Woodford Leys School
1899 West London Leys School
1898 Surbiton Leys School
1897 West London Leys School
1896 Surbiton Leys School
1895 Snaresbrook St Dunstans College
1894 Snaresbrook Snaresbrook
1893 West London Honourable Artillery Club
1892 Clapton Leys School
1891 Clapton Barnet
1890 West London West London
1889 Clapton
1888 Leys School
1887 Clapton
1886 Cambridge Univ.
1885 Leys School
1884 London