Flags Finals 2017

This year's Flags Finals will take place on 1st April 2017. Unfortunately the usual venue, the Prudential Ibis Club, is unable to host the Finals due to the excessive flooding over recent weeks which has left the surface in need of major work.

Therefore, the Finals will take place on the 3G astroturf at the Reading Wildcats.

There is plenty of parking, changing rooms, showers and toilets for players and spectators.

There are no catering or bar facilities available other than a few vending machines, although there is a very good quality coffee machine.

As is normal only short moulded studs are allowed on the surface, no metal or screw-in studs at all.

Alcohol is not allowed on the premises as it is a school facility during the week so please ensure that all litter and debris is removed from the field.

Absolutely no glass of any sort is allowed into the field area, please ensure that all your players and supporters are aware of this for safety reasons.

The Finals will take place as follows (first named team is considered the 'home' team);

  • 11am - Minor Flags - London Uni vs Cheltenham
  • 1pm - Intermediate Flags - Hillcroft A vs Bath
  • 3pm - Senior Flags - Hampstead vs Spencer

For general information, London University will be playing their annual Alumni game from 1.30-3pm on an adjacent field.

All Trophy presentations will take place after the Senior Flags game and we must be off the field and out of the car parks by 5.45pm or we are locked in!

Northern Soul and Zenith Sports will be setting up their stalls to sell the best in lax gear!