Club Responsibilities

This page outlines the main responsibilities for SEMLA clubs and teams. This page is a brief guide which is hopefully useful, but is not meant to replace the need for clubs to be familiar with the Constitution and Bye-Laws.


Please ensure that all players, referees, officials and coaches, both senior and junior, are registered with England Lacrosse. This should be done before even the first training session for them to be properly insured, and needs to be renewed each new lacrosse season on or after August 31st.

All persons who registered the previous year will receive an email inviting them to register for the new season. For all new registrations and for individuals who have not received a renewal email please go directly to the England Lacrosse Individual Registration system.

All persons who register will also be provided with laminate registration cards to produce before matches. Please be advised these will take up to 14 working days to be processed from the time of registration.

You can find more details at the FAQ page. Clubs can check their player registrations using the Club portal.


Inter Club transfers are allowed under the SEMLA byelaws before the day of the first league game simply by changing the England Lacrosse registration.

Transfers after the date of the first league game of the season must follow the prescribed process using the Player Transfer Form.

Any player transferring Clubs must ensure that he has paid all outstanding debts to his former club. If he has not, then the former club can apply for an immediate prohibition on his playing for the new club. If such a player were to play for his new club before the situation was resolved, he would risk the new club being penalised which may include the loss of league points.

Club Contacts and Details

Please make sure that your Club's details on the SEMLA Website are correct, including officials' contact details, directions and location of your ground. Your Club's page can be found on the clubs list. Please send any amendments to the Webmaster at

Please include the following contacts (if you have them):

  • All Captains and Vice-Captains. Please make sure that you send email addresses and mobile numbers as they may need to be contactable on match days
  • A Chairman or other main contact
  • A general contact, usually the Secretary
  • Junior Coordinator or Manager

Note that we do not need your other internal roles, such as Coach or Treasurer (though these may need to be notified elsewhere, see below).

If your club has moved ground please provide directions if the route is compilcated, and also via public transport. If the new pitch is astroturf then please also tell us what type (e.g. sand based or 3G), and what footwear opponents need to bring (e.g. no metals studs, but moulded cleats or trainers are OK). The change of address should also be notified to England Lacrosse at

Changes to any officials should also be notified to the SEMLA Secretary at

Changes of Treasurer should be notified to the ELA at and SEMLA Treasurer at

Match Start Times

By default matches start at 2pm. If your home fixtures need to start at another time please notify both the SEMLA Fixtures Secretary at, and your opposition. See Bye-law A5 for more details.

Reporting Results

Both home and away teams should inform the SEMLA Fixtures Secretary of their results as soon as possible after the game, so that their results can be included in that week's update of the tables.

You should send a WhatsApp message to the SEMLA results line on 07498 579759. If for any reason you cannot do that, then you can also send a text message to the same number, or you can email (though results sent via email may not be processed immediately).

Both teams should provide:

  • The score, e.g. "home-team-name 10 - away-team-name 12"
  • Your team's Man of the Match

Home teams should also provide the names of all referees.

Match Reports/Publicity

You can submit match reports or any stories to England Lacrosse's South Publicity Officer, Danny Buckland, at He will be writing regularly here and on the England Lacrosse website, and can also give you help getting publicity for your club.

Postponed/Cancelled Games

If you are unable to fulfil your fixtures please give as much notice as possible to your opponents. Remember, from Sept 2015 conceding a game within 24 hours of face-off is a one point deduction.

Advice from the Fixtures Secretary (who can be contacted at is that:

If the first fixture between 2 teams is postponed due to bad weather or unplayable pitches, then the reverse fixture later in the season will be played for double points, unless either team objects to this. Where clubs do not want to play the reverse for double points then the responsibility for rearranging matches lies solely with the clubs involved. Only if no agreement can be reached and 4 weeks has lapsed then the affected clubs may refer the rearrangement to the Fixtures Secretary, who will have absolute authority to decide the date of the rearranged match.

Teams wishing to play separate fixtures must advise their opponents and the Fixtures Secretary in plenty of time before they are next due to play.

Where the first fixture is played but the reverse fixture is postponed due to the weather then this game will not count unless it is rearranged and played.

Where Flags/Plate matches are postponed because of the weather the teams involved need to arrange a date prior to the date of the next round. Flags/Plate matches do not take priority over League matches, and any unplayed games will count as void.

If any club is unable to make any fixtures for other reasons then they have 3 options:

  1. Concede the match
  2. Agree with the opponent to rearrange the fixture
  3. Agree to play the reverse for double points

Before you concede a match please note that Bye-law A 7 (e) states: "In circumstances where a club is unable to field more than eight players, not more than two SEMLA registered members of another club may play, provided that the agreement of the opposing captain has been obtained prior to the match. Such permission must be obtained in written form and either signed by the opposing captain or, in the case of email from the captain’s email account."

All changes must be agreed by both teams prior to the match.

Appeals over disputed results and ineligible players will be dealt with by the Disciplinary and Complaints committee.

Club Referees

It is a condition of every Club's membership of SEMLA to have one official qualified to Level 1 for every team entered in the League plus one extra within the Club, the expectation is that one of them at least will referee the game. See SEMLA Bye Law B4 for more details on refereeing requirements.

Level 1 Refereeing courses can be taken on-line. There is no physical assessment required for level 1 officiating, and all learners will also receive an officiating pack complete with a guide book, official’s shirt, whistle and more.

Clubs are responsible for notifying the Referees Secretary at of the names of qualified referees and the standard which they have attained no later than the 31st October of each season.

It is recommended that club referees are familiar with the FIL Referee Manual, which covers such crucial factors as the philosophy of refereeing, referee positioning, team-work and field mechanics. It is available from the FIL website officiating page. It's hidden way down the page, so you'll need to scroll down to the "Officiating Documents" section.


There are a limited number of neutral Panel Referees available each week. You can see where they are assigned for the next few upcoming weeks on the Refereeing Assignments page.

If you have an especially important game, and would like to have a Panel Referee, then please contact the Referees Secretary at, however it may not always be possible to accommodate you.

Please remember that the Home team is responsible for providing a home referee regardless of whether there is a Panel Referee present.

Panel Referees are paid a Match Fee of £30 per game. If two Panel Referees are assigned to a game, they split the fee fifty-fifty. It is the responsibility of the Home Team Captain to approach the Referee as soon as practical after the end of the game to give them the match fee, in cash.

Payments to non-Panel referees are entirely a Club matter.

First Aid Kit

It is an ELA Rule to ensure that a first aid kit is available for all home games. This can be in the Clubhouse or on the side of the field but must be available if needed.

Concussion Information

Clubs should be familiar with England Lacrosse's guidance on concussion in lacrosse.

RESPECT Code of Conduct

England Lacrosse has launched a new RESPECT code for all participants in lacrosse to follow to provide a safe, enjoyable competitive environment.

When playing lacrosse, I will:

  • Always play to the best of my ability
  • Play fairly – I won’t cheat, complain or waste time
  • Respect my teammates, the other team, the match officals, and my coach
  • Play by the rules as directed by the umpire/referee
  • Shake hands with the other team and umpire/referee at the end of the game
  • Listen and respond to what my coach tells me
  • Talk to someone I trust or the school/club welfare officer if I am unhappy about anything at my school or club
  • Be aware of my online presence and behaviour and ensure any messages or posts adhere to the positive spirit of our game


Guidance from England Lacrosse:

The best practice guidance is that all individuals who deal in close proximity with children and vulnerable adults (including club volunteers, coaches and officials) have a volunteer DBS check.

To not have this in place leaves the clubs open to potential safeguarding issues, it is therefore prudent for clubs to be in the best positions possible.

It is also best practice for DBS holders to attend a safeguarding workshop within the last three years.

Playing Ages

Information provided by England Lacrosse:

It has been reported to the National Lacrosse Committee (NLC) that there have been occurrences where junior players have competed in senior competitions. Please note that the English rules for Men’s lacrosse clearly state that the minimum age for senior participation is 16.

This rule applies to all lacrosse played in England regardless if it is an EL competition or club organised tournaments such as BluesFest, Bath 8s, etc. While these tournaments may have different formats, they still use the rules for men’s lacrosse and as such no person under the age of 16 should be permitted to play.

Any club found to be in breach of this rule will face disciplinary action.

Match Balls

The Home team is responsible for providing the match balls.

Goal Frames

The SEMLA Committee has agreed that for the 2015-2016 season no SEMLA team will be penalised for having goals without flat ground pipes. However, the requirement to have goals with flat ground pipes will be phased in by division, as follows:

  • 2016-2017 - Premier teams
  • 2017-2018 - East 1 and West 1
  • 2018-2019 - East 2 and West 2
  • 2019-2020 - East 3

Any new clubs must have goals with flat ground pipes.