Competition Information

Season 2016/17

Teams have folded and new teams have joined the league and next season there will be:

With 10 teams in East Two, East Three and the Play off games there are very few opportunities to rearrange matches.

Rearranging Matches

With the ladder in the West there are no free weekends to rearrange matches.

Clubs should seriously consider offering to 'rearrange' matches to later in the season as realistically there is little chance they will get played.

Clubs agreeing to rearrange matches should have a formal agreement covering what happens to the points in all foreseeable circumstances.

Where a team has 2 players on international duty they have the right to have the game rescheduled as long as reasonable notice is given to the Fixture Secretary.

Clubs wishing to vary any fixtures must make bilateral agreements with their opponents in advance of the matches. Remember to advise the Fixtures Secretary of any rearrangements made.

Flags and Play-offs

Flag competitions will be the same as last season - except that in the West the rounds will be played as a single fixture

The play off system for East One and West One is included and there will be a game for the loser of the play offs to challenge the 9th placed team in the Premiership.

Flags fixtures - where spare Saturdays are not provided for Flags games; should weather cause matches to be postponed then teams need to find alternative dates prior to the date of the next round. Flags matches do not take priority over League matches and any unplayed games will count as void.

Croydon have entered the Senior Flags and if they progress in that competition then their league and intermediate flags matches may need to be rearranged to accommodate the other games.

Varsity Match

The date of the Varsity match is not yet fixed and these fixtures assume it will be 25th Feb. Should the Varsity matches be scheduled for 4th March then there will be some rearrangements which I have noted on the fixture list.

Promotion and Relegation

Relegation from West Division One, East division One & Two will be 2 down

Promotion from West Division Two, East division Two & East division Three will be 2 up.

Promotion from West Division One and East division One will be the same play off system as last season.

However, the aim to get appropriate sized divisions next year and there may be adjustment to the size of divisions (despite the stated promotion and relegation)

Disputed Results

Appeals over disputed results and ineligible players will be dealt with by the Disciplinary and Complaints committee this season.

Postponed Fixtures

Where the weather causes the postponement of the first fixture between two clubs, it will be deemed that the return fixture will be played for double points; unless there is an objection by either club.

Where clubs do not want to play the reverse for double points (or if this is the reverse fixture) then the responsibility for rearranging matches lies solely with the clubs involved. Only if no agreement can be reached and 4 weeks has lapsed then the affected clubs may refer the rearrangement to the Fixtures Secretary, who will have absolute authority to decide the date of the rearranged match.

Where the first fixture is played but the reverse fixture is postponed due to the weather then this game will not count unless it is rearranged and played.

If your club is unable to make any fixture then you have these options:

  1. Concede the match
  2. Agree with your opponent to rearrange the fixture
  3. Agree to play the reverse for double points

League Points

As passed at the AGM in 2015 there is a new points system this season.

  • Win = 4 points
  • Draw = 3 points
  • Loss = 2 points
  • Failure to fulfil fixture = 0 points
  • Cancelling a game within 24 hours of a match = -1 point


If you are unable to fulfil your fixtures please give as much notice as possible to your opponents.

Jon Cooper - Fixtures Secretary
9th June 2016