Under 16 Dispensation

At the Special General Meeting held on Monday Jan 29, 2007, it was agreed that 15 year old players could play in senior lacrosse subject to the terms of the dispensation from the Men's Playing Committee of the ELA.

In order to ensure that SEMLA Clubs adhere fully to the terms of the dispensation, and thereby reduce the risk of injury to the players and insurance claims against any match officials, the form below has been created.

It is vital that if your Club has any 15 year old players who fall into this category that you return a completed form to the SEMLA Hon Sec. at

The Hon Sec, will then return the form with an endorsement that it has been registered as required by the dispensation. The form should then be made available to any referee who wishes confirmation that the player in question has been properly registered for dispensation.

Dispensation Request Form