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Sep25Hillcroft A8 - 2London Raptors L-Lon2
Oct02Hillcroft AR - RCambridge Uni D1
09Hillcroft AR - ROxford UniD1
16Welwyn Warriors 7 - 17Hillcroft AD1
23Walcountian Blues 17 - 6Hillcroft AL-Lon2
Nov06Hillcroft A9 - 5Spencer 3D1
13London Raptors 11 - 8Hillcroft AD1
20Spencer 222 - 3Hillcroft AD1
27Hillcroft A15 - 4Oxford UniInt Flags R16
Dec04Hillcroft A4 - 10East GrinsteadD1
11Spencer 316 - 0Hillcroft AL-Lon2
Jan15Hillcroft A10 - 6East GrinsteadL-Lon2
22Hillcroft AR - ROxford UniD1
Hillcroft A12 - 4BathInt Flags QF
29Cambridge Uni 6 - 10Hillcroft AD1
Feb05Oxford Uni17 - 10Hillcroft AD1
12Hillcroft A15 - 2London Raptors D1
19Hillcroft AVoidPurleyL-Lon2
26Spencer 38 - 7Hillcroft AD1
Mar05Hillcroft A5 - 9Welwyn Warriors D1
12Hillcroft A2 - 19Spencer 2D1
26Hillcroft A2 - 10Cambridge Uni D1
Hillcroft A7 - 11London Raptors Int Flags SF
Apr09East Grinstead15 - 5Hillcroft AD1

Key: R - R = Rearranged/postponed

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