The South of England Men's Lacrosse Association (SEMLA) was founded on 15th March 1882, and is part of the English Lacrosse Association. SEMLA is the organising body for men's lacrosse in Southern England and Wales.

Please note, some universities only have teams in the BUCS lacrosse leagues.

To find information on women's lacrosse please visit the South East Women's Lacrosse Association (SEWLA).


The season runs from October to April, with a break over Christmas. There are three main competitions: League, Flags (a knockout competition), and the end of season Six-a-sides.

League and Flags matches are normally played over four 20-minute quarters, and according to the English Lacrosse rules.


The League is currently divided into 6 divisions. At the top is the Premiership, and below that is split by region into East and West divisions. Points are awarded as follows: 4 for a win, 3 for a draw, 2 for a loss, 0 if a game is conceded, and -1 if a game is conceded within 24 hours. League tables are ordered by points, then goal average (goals for divided by goals against). League winners and promotion/relegation for teams on the same points are decided by results between those teams.

At the end of the season the bottom team in the Premiership is relegated to either East or West One, at the choice of the team. The winners of East One and West One play a play-off game to secure automatic promotion, while the loser then plays another play-off with the next to bottom team in the Premiership, replacing them if they win. Promotion and relegation in the lower East and West divisions occurs within the region, but otherwise in a standard two up, two down system, though this may be varied to even out divisions if new teams enter the league, or teams fold.


There are three Flags (knockout) competitions : Senior (for Premiership teams), Intermediate (East One and West One), and Minor (teams in lower divisions). There may also be Plate competions, again ranked Intermediate and/or Minor. Prior to 2013/14 the Plate was for losers of the first round of the Flags, but after that the Intermediate and Minor Plate were split into East and West, and were competed for by all teams, with the Flags then being played between the winners of the East and West Plate.


The Six-a-sides is a single day tournament, with smaller pitches, and 5 or 7 minute halves. The rules are standard English Lacrosse rules with some differences. The tournament is usually split into Senior, Intermediate and Minor competitions along the same lines as the Flags, but this may vary. The format also varies, but there is usually a round robin group stage to seed the teams, followed by a knockout phase.