The South of England Men's Lacrosse Association (SEMLA) was founded on 15th March 1882, and is part of England Lacrosse. SEMLA is the organising body for full contact (primarily played by men) lacrosse in the South and Midlands of England and South Wales.

Please note, some universities only have teams in the BUCS lacrosse leagues.

To find information on semi-contact (women's) lacrosse please visit either the South East Women's Lacrosse Association (SEWLA) or South West Lacrosse Association (SWLA).

Competition Overview

The domestic lacrosse season runs from October to April, with a break over Christmas / New Year.

There are four main competitions:

  1. SEMLA League. 10-a-side field lacrosse with teams aligned to region-wide divisions and lower tier East & West divisions
  2. Local League. 10-a-side field lacrosse with teams aligned to smaller geographic divisions
  3. SEMLA Flags. 10-a-side field lacrosse knockout competition. Teams placed in either Senior, Intermediate or Minor flags competitions based on previous season rankings.
  4. SEMLA 6s. 6-a-side field lacrosse single day tournament.

Competition entries fees are as follows.

SEMLA CompetitionEntry fee per Team (for 2024/25 season)
SEMLA LeaguePremier Division £100
Division One £60
Lower Divisions £30
Local LeagueAll Divisions £30
SEMLA FlagsEntry £20
Additional £10 for team reaching the semi-finals
SEMLA 6s£ varies but typically around £100 per team

We are responsible for the box lacrosse format of game within the region with events delivered by the Southern Box Lacrosse programme.

During the off-season, from May to September, there are numerous lacrosse events and tournaments held in the region. These include, but are not limited to;

  • Bluesfest. The biggest lacrosse festival held in the UK. A two-day men's and women's competition in June with two big social evenings with overnight camping, run by the Walcountian Blues club in South London.
  • Winter Box League. A box lacrosse drafted-teams competition managed by Southern Box Lacrosse held during December and January out of the indoor box arena in Oxford..
  • Bath 8s. The annual pre-season tournament held in September by the Bath club, always over subscribed and the sign that the new lacrosse season is just around the corner.
  • Compton Cup. A single day men's and women's tournament in September run by the Spencer club in South London.

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