The SEMLA Sixes are the traditional end-of-season tournament in the South of England. They provide a lot of fun and great competition and they are also a source of modest fund-raising for SEMLA to develop the game.

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The normal laws of Lacrosse shall apply except below as enumerated.

1. The Pitch

The playing area will be marked in the usual way but the goals shall be 40 Yards apart with 10 yards behind each goal line.

2. The Teams

A full team shall consist of six players - 1 defender, 3 midfielders and 1 attacker, plus goalkeeper, plus 2 substitutes.

3. The Duration Of The Games

Each game will be one period of 10 minutes.

4. Play Of The Games

  • Play will start with a face off.
  • After a goal play is restarted on the whistle with the goalkeeper in possession laterally outside the goal crease.
  • No time out.
  • No offside.

5. Fouls And Penalties

  • Technical fouls - 30 seconds
  • Personal fouls - discretionary but can start at 30 seconds
  • Expulsion fouls - the player is excluded from the tournament for the remainder of the tournament and reported to the Disciplinary Committee
  • A goalkeeper commits a technical if he goes beyond the halfway line