The day you think you are the finished article is the day you have failed in your lacrosse journey.

You can always be fitter, stronger and faster. When age starts to creep up on you, you can train smarter, adapt your playing style and prolong your playing career.

You can always improve your technical skills. Try a training session only throwing and catching using your weaker hand. Perfect the toe-drag. Play wall-ball until your arms feel like lead. Why not learn how to properly string a lacrosse head - for many, playing with a well-strung head is a game-changer.

There are always things to learn about the game. Understand our sport's history.

There are a load of good materials on YouTube. On this page we will signpost you to materials we know are good and worth digesting.


Goalkeepers should:

  • Display good initial body positioning and demonstrate a strong, aggressive lateral step to attack the ball whilst making a save.
  • Demonstrate the ability to react quickly to shots and, to defensive pressure from attack riding.
  • Demonstrate good decision making when taking a clear e.g. clearing to a free player with accuracy.
  • Show confidence in playing out of the crease e.g. usual stick skills, stepping out for clears, chasing ground balls and making interceptions.

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Defensive players are selected for teams based on these factors, in order:

  • Stick skills, stick skills, stick skills (have we said this enough?)
  • Defensive positioning - being in the right place at the right time is often all that's required
  • Understanding the game / gain a lacrosse IQ
  • Strength and speed
  • Endurance

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Offensive players are selected for teams based on these factors, in order:

  • Stick skills, stick skills, stick skills (have we said this enough?)
  • Understanding the game / gain a lacrosse IQ
  • Endurance
  • Strength and speed

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The four biggest things for face-off:

  • Technique
  • Speed - repetitions and muscle memory
  • A lacrosse head suitable for a face-off head
  • Strength - beat your opponent with speed and power

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Stick Stringing

A properly strung lacrosse head is essential for every lacrosse player from beginner to international superstar. Give a badly strung stick to an international player and they won't be pleased. Give a properly strung stick to a beginner and they will learn the basics and gain confidence quickly.

Main principals:

  • Avoid soft mesh, as when it gets wet, the pocket will balloon/sag.
  • Make all the top and sidewall strings as tight as possible. This will make the pocket more reliable and consistent.
  • Don't add too much whip/hold. This will make it very hard to play under the pressure of a defender. When a stick has lots of whip you need to raise your elbow to throw the ball properly. This exposes your elbow for an easy lift by a defender. It is harder to ‘pop’ a quick pass and harder to play with your weak hand and in the English rain.
  • If in doubt, spend the small amount of money getting your head strung/restrung by someone who know what they are doing.
  • They are not to everyone's liking, but lacrosse heads are available with pre-formed consistent mesh like the Warrior Warp range.

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