Local League Tables

South East 1
2Camden Capybaras53026740271.6816WWLLW
4Hillcroft 152034271-290.5914LLWWL
5Spencer 252033255-230.5814LLWLW
6Reading Wildcats50052394-710.2410LLLLL
South East 2
1Spencer 343014125161.6414WWLW
3Camden Capybaras 24202393361.1812LLWW
4East Grinstead31022431-70.778WLL
5Purley Raptors40042251-290.438LLLL
6Walcountian Blues00000000.000

Walcountian Blues have withdrawn from the league, and therefore all their games are void.

South East 3
1Hillcroft 2*65107819594.1123WDWWW
2Welwyn Warriors*65106213494.7723WDWWW
3Camden Capybaras 361143154-230.5715LLWLL
4Buckhurst Hill63033336-30.9214LLLWW
5Spencer 462042644-180.5914LWWLL
6Imperial College61051964-450.3012LWLLL
7Guildford Gators62132645-190.5811DLWWL

Since the top 2 teams had equal points, the tie-break rules applied. These were head-to-head record (a draw), then goal difference, which made Hillcroft 2 champions.

South West
1Bristol Bombers64118229532.8321WWWDL
2Cardiff Harlequins64024955-60.8920LLWWW
3Cheltenham A63126346171.3719WWLWD
1Nuneaton 18710748669.2531WWWWW
2Leicester City87017176410.1430WLWWW
3Warwick Uni7403322751.1924WWLWW
4Nuneaton 282243142-110.7422LLWLW
5Loughborough Lions73042636-100.7222LLWLW
6Nottingham Trent Uni84133851-130.7519DWLLL
7City of Stoke61142344-210.5219DLWLL
8Derby Hurricanes81072272-500.3118LWLLL
9Sheffield Tanger82152656-300.4615LWLLL

The top 4 teams play in the Midlands Final Four competition to determine the final placings. 2 games were unable to be played due to the original and rearranged matches being waterlogged. Since this was no fault of the teams, each team was awarded 2 points per match.

* = position changed because of tie-break rules

Win = 4 points, draw = 3 points, loss = 2 points, conceded = 0 points, conceding a game within 24 hours of face-off = -1. Tables are ordered by points, then goal average. League winners and promotion/relegation for teams on the same points are decided by results between those teams.

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