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Oct07Hillcroft 110 - 18Camden Capybaras Prem
14Hampstead14 - 10Camden Capybaras Prem
21Camden Capybaras 18 - 4Reading Wildcats SE1
Nov04Camden Capybaras R - RHillcroft 1Prem
18Spencer 25 - 10Camden Capybaras SE1
25Spencer17 - 3Camden Capybaras Prem
Dec02Camden Capybaras VoidWalcountian Blues Prem
09Camden Capybaras R - RHitchinPrem
Hitchin7 - 13Camden Capybaras Prem
Jan13Camden Capybaras 1 - 0 w/oWalcountian Blues Snr Flags QF
20Camden Capybaras 8 - 17SpencerSE1
27Camden Capybaras 13 - 14HampsteadPrem
Feb03HitchinR - RCamden Capybaras Prem
10Hampstead10 - 8Camden Capybaras SE1
17Camden Capybaras R - RSpencerPrem
Spencer17 - 7Camden Capybaras Snr Flags SF
24Camden Capybaras 9 - 18SpencerPrem
SpencerR - RCamden Capybaras Snr Flags SF
Mar02Camden Capybaras 23 - 4Hillcroft 1Prem
Camden Capybaras 23 - 4Hillcroft 1SE1
09Walcountian Blues VoidCamden Capybaras Prem
Apr13Camden Capybaras 13 - 10HitchinPrem

Key: R - R = Rearranged/postponed, w/o = walkover

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