Without referees, competitive lacrosse matches do not happen. We are always looking to increase the number of active referees across the SEMLA region.

The first step is to complete the England lacrosse Referee Level 1 Training Course. This course is discounted for members of England Lacrosse, which is also a requirement to officiate lacrosse in England, so the two go hand-in-hand.

Within lacrosse, officials are known by two terms.

A lacrosse referee officiates the full contact field or box format of the game, typically played by boys/men.

A lacrosse umpire officiates the semi-contact field format of the game, typically played by girls/women or within mixed gender competitions.

Annual Rules Test

After completing the Level 1 course, and for each subsequent season year starting from September, all officials must pass the open-book Annual Rules Test (ART) accessed via the England Lacrosse membership portal. See the EL video how-to guides for more details.

You are now ready to act as an assistant referee, working alongside one or more referees in a competitive game.

To progress up the officiating ladder, there are England Lacrosse Referee Level 2 and Level 3 training courses. A Level 2 referee can act as a head referee for a game and can become a SEMLA panel referee. A Level 3 referee can officiate international games and travel the world as part of referee teams at European and World Championships.

Referee match fees

Referees are paid match expenses of £40 each, per referee, per game with effect from 20th June 2023. Only qualified referees who have passed the relevant exams and are registered with England Lacrosse are to be paid expenses. It will be the responsibility of the Home Team Captain to approach the referees before the start of the game and to give them the match expenses, in cash, or agree payment by bank transfer. Home teams are responsible to fund the cost of the referees.

SEMLA Bye-laws - Section B.3

SEMLA panel referees

Mark BuckleyBuckinghamshire
Henry CollingeEast
Gregg IrwinLondon /
Rob LockeLondon
Ray NashSouth Wales
Simon PeachLondon /
Peter RawsthorneBerkshire /
Trevor RogersBerkshire /
Dave SlaughterLondon
Miles WhittleSomerset /

Volunteer or request referees for an event

Are you a visiting referee wanting get a game?

Are you organising a lacrosse event or tournament and need referees?

Contact our Referees Secretary at

Referee resources

England Lacrosse Officials Page

The officials page on the England Lacrosse website is your first point of reference. This includes a link to the annual 'Reading List' document.

A few clicks away from the officials page is the important Incident and Injury Report Form.

England Lacrosse New Referees Guide

Absolute essential reading for every new referee, and a useful refresher for anyone who does not referee on a regular basis is the England Lacrosse New Referees Guide.

SEMLA Referees Google Folder

We are building a library of useful resources within a shared Google folder. This library will grow over time so keep checking for updates.

This includes our policy for financial assistance to referees invited to officiate events outside the region.

Shot Clock Web Application

Germany lacrosse have developed a brilliant web-based shot clock application. From a single controller device, such as a phone or tablet, connected to the internet, the clock can be shown on any number of other browser-enabled devices. No wires, just ensure your devices have sufficient battery. If used outside, check they are also weather-proof. A set of physical shot clocks will always be better, but this web app is free!

For those looking for professional shot clocks, SBL use Favero KIT24s shot clocks for box lacrosse.