Exeter Uni Results 2021

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Oct03Exeter Uni R - RCamborne School of Mines L-Pen
17Plymouth Privateers R - RExeter Uni West
24Exeter Uni R - RPlymouth Privateers L-Pen
Nov14Camborne School of Mines VoidExeter Uni West
21Plymouth UniVoidExeter Uni L-Pen
28Exeter Uni VoidPlymouth UniWest
Dec05Exeter Uni VoidBath UniMnr Flags R16
Exeter Uni R - RBath UniMnr Flags R16
Jan16Exeter Uni R - RPlymouth UniL-Pen
30Plymouth Privateers R - RExeter Uni L-Pen
Feb13Plymouth UniR - RExeter Uni West
20Camborne School of Mines R - RExeter Uni L-Pen
Mar13Exeter Uni R - RCamborne School of Mines West
27Exeter Uni R - RPlymouth Privateers West

Key: R - R = Rearranged/postponed