LacrosseTalk Magazines

During a recent house move, I rediscovered a box full of LacrosseTalk magazines and realised that I had saved almost every issue. After an appeal to the lacrosse community those missing issues were provided by Steve Flint, Peter Jessup, and Dan Scott, so we now have the complete set.

Flicking through them I thought that there would be many other people who would enjoy reliving their memories or taking a look back at how the game used to be both in the UK and, in the later editions, in Europe.

LacrosseTalk was the official magazine of the ELA from 1990 until 2011.

Over the years it developed from a basic black and white magazine into a full colour magazine with excellent photography and wide ranging articles covering many aspects of the game in the UK and across Europe and the world.

Under the guidance and hard work of the editors Geoffrey Wilkinson, Paul McCann, Neil Goulding and Kari Jones, and many regular contributors, LacrosseTalk became a quality magazine and recorded many key moments in the development of the game.

With help from Raj Rout, we have scanned, sorted and edited them, and they are now available for players old and new to revisit and enjoy on Google Drive. If the scanned images are clean enough, and Google's optical character recognition works, they should even be searchable (if you're signed in).

Due to the scanner available it was not possible to create them as a page by page magazine so you will have to scroll about to follow some articles.

Over the years there was a little confusion in numbering and some numbers were used twice and others skipped to catch up.

Good Reading
Trevor Rogers