Website Update

In order to make this website easier to update for all of the SEMLA Officers we have moved the site over to a new back end.

At the same time we have moved to HTTPS to make the site more secure (that's the thing that gives you the padlock in the address bar), as well as updating various features to fit in with modern best practices, e.g. the dropdown menus now require you to click to open them, rather than just hovering your mouse over them.

You should notice only minor differences to the look of the site, however the address of all of the pages will have changed, for example is now As you can see, since the move to HTTPS forced the address to change anyway, we also took the opportunity to remove the .html to fit with modern conventions.

We have configured it so that if you visit an old address you will automatically be taken to the new page, but you should change all of your bookmarks and links to the new addresses as that redirect will slow down any requests.

To find the new address of a page you could just visit the old link and see where you are redirected to, or navigate to the page on the new site, but the changes are pretty straightforward, so if you have many links it could be easier to see below for what changes are required.

Page Address Changes

The most basic change is that every address should now start https:// instead of the old http://.

Most pages will just have the .html removed, so moves to, however we also took the opportunity to tidy up some addresses which don't match the page title, so the Club Responsibilities page moves from to

All news items have moved to a new address structure, so is now

Fixtures Calendars

The team fixtures calendars move to{team-name}/fixtures.ics, so for example moves to If you haven't already subscribed to your team's fixtures calendar then you can go to the Fixtures page and select your team, and you will find the new link under 'Subscribe' at the bottom of the page.

Embedding Fixtures and League Tables

We have completely revamped, and hopefully simplified, the way clubs can embed the SEMLA fixtures and league tables on their sites, and we would encourage any clubs who don't yet use these services to give them a try. See the Data Resources page for more details.

Source Code

The complete source code for this website can be found on Github, along with instructions on how to contribute any improvements or fixes.