SEMLA Flags Finals 2023

Saturday 15 April, Surrey Sports Park, Guildford

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Senior Final: Spencer 13 - 9 Hampstead

Another classic battle between the two strongest teams in the SEMLA region. Hampstead, this season's SEMLA League champions against defending Senior Flags champions, Spencer. Both teams started strong with top quality offence pitted against top quality defence. Supporters from both sides lined the far touchline, often 3 or 4 people deep, to enjoy the lacrosse, and the welcome April sunshine at Surrey Sports Park.

Spencer pulled ahead in the second quarter with some quality team goals. Spencer, wearing new Flags-special retro white jerseys were finding the back of the net while Hampstead shots were inches wide or foiled by the Spencer goalie.

Hampstead rallied in the third, scoring three unanswered goals, leaving the game in the balance going into the final 20 minutes. Hampstead gave everything they had but with the game clock ticking down and the Spencer goals ticking up, the score reached 13:7 A late charge from Hampstead saw two quick goals, plus a two-minute penalty against Spencer. The momentum was with the men in black. Could four man-up goals be scored in 2 minutes? The Spencer man-down defence had been rock solid all game and they held firm to lift again the SEMLA Senior Flags trophy.

Quarter Scores: 4:3 / 9:4 / 9:7 / 13:9


3 Tom Bailey (Defence)
4 Paul Wainwright (Defence)
9 Ben Buchanan (Midfield)
12 Tom Bracegirdle (Midfield)
16 Jonny Clark (Defence)
22 William Walker (Attack)
29 Dan Watson (Attack)
40 Hal Dwobeng (Goal)
51 Tom Roche (Defence)
56 Jack Robinson (Midfield)
78 Jude Krommenhoek (Midfield)
82 Sam Hewitt (Attack)
95 Taylor Harrison (LSM)
97 Cam Leslie (Midfield)
98 Ben Page-Laycock (Midfield)


0 Joe Prikhodko (Goal)
1 Brian Vandenbossche (Goal)
3 Billy Rawlins (Midfield)
4 Urney Albertsz (Goal)
9 TJ Summers (Attack)
12 Nick Daly (Defence)
13 Brady Daylor (Midfield)
15 Mason Gorman (Attack)
16 Tom Graham (Midfield)
19 James Devine (Attack)
21 Dara McCreary (Defence)
22 Will Hardy (Midfield)
23 Eddy Roberts (Midfield)
24 Will Pickett (Midfield)
25 Daniel Shumake (Midfield)
33 Jim Parry (FOGO)
42 Brian Potter (Defence)
49 Aidan Turner (LSM)
51 John Sirisuth (LSM)
54 Owen Rodgers (Defence)
55 Ryan Albert (Defence)
56 Luke Babcock (Midfield)
57 Connor Quimby (Midfield)
61 Zac Guy (Attack)

Intermediate Final: Spencer 2s 11 - 3 Reading Wildcats

Spencer's second team retained the Intermediate Flags with a convincing win over Division 1 rivals Reading Wildcats. The Londoner's started hot with three quick goals; one from Lieber and two from Lake. Reading made adjustments either side of half-time which made Spencer work extra hard for their goals, taking away the threat from Lake and denying any fast break opportunities. The Reading attack struggled against the high pressure Spencer defensive unit and as the game moved into the final quarter, Spencer went on a goal run to finish comfortable winners.

Quarter Scores: 4:1 / 5:2 / 7:3 / 11:3

Spencer 2s

1 Rick Bone (Goal)
5 Ed Shee (Midfield)
8 Tom Leahy (Defence)
15 Casey Lake (Attack)
20 Ric Topham (Attack)
21 Lieven Slenders (Midfield)
27 Ben Whitman (Defence)
34 Dan Aspin (Midfield)
39 Sean Keane (Midfield)
48 Albert Whitehead (Midfield)
52 Ollie Jennings (Defence)
57 Alex Cummings (Midfield)
60 Will Clarke (LSM)
69 Ryan Lieber (Attack)

Reading Wildcats

1 John Cutler
3 Ed Peate
4 Quaye Hammond
5 Josh Blake
6 Hugo Renucci
7 Zach Rooney
8 Paul Milner
9 Rupert O'Reilly
10 Corrie Bruce
13 Tom Naughton
14 Ben Harvey
16 Sam King
17 Jason He
18 Max Edmonds
19 Josh Rowland
20 Joe Kerrison

Minor Final: City of Stoke 7 - 14 Exeter University

A match-up seeing two different styles of lacrosse. The passing game of Stoke versus the running game of Exeter. The students came out victorious after three tight quarters with a dominant fourth quarter display as the Stoke legs tired. Notable performances from many of the Exeter Uni players and we will be keeping an eye on these players after they graduate and move into club lacrosse.

Quarter Scores: 3:3 / 4:6 / 7:7 / 7:14

City of Stoke

0 Shane Hall (Attack)
4 Renz Alcazar (Defence)
9 Amy Rogers (Midfield)
11 David Hawksworth (Midfield)
13 Damon Gill (Goal)
15 Adam Sandham (Attack)
22 Sam Heede (Defence)
33 Sam Miles (Midfield)
42 Matt Nadin (Defence)
47 Malichi Robinson (Midfield)
51 James Elliott (Midfield)
54 Ian Fothergill (Attack)
72 Tom Miles (Midfield)
77 James Walklett (Midfield)
79 Adam Footitt (Attack)
86 Jack Williams (Defence)
87 Gabe Goodwin (Defence)
88 Frazer Hunter (Attack)

Exeter University

1 George Corbett (Goal)
5 Chris Bertrand (Midfield)
7 Arthur Fish (LSM)
12 Fraser Cox (Attack)
27 Ben Mather (Midfield)
30 Stephen Bateman (Defence)
34 James Wright (Midfield)
51 Tom Scott-Brown (Midfield)
63 Will Brinkman (Midfield)
64 Oscar Davy (Midfield)
66 Brad Spanjar (Defence)
75 Cameron McIntosh (Defence)
76 Roly Belton (Attack)
85 Mohammed Abdalla (Defence)