South & South Dev Box Squads 2023 - Game 2

Squads for Game 2 of the box lacrosse North vs South series have been announced. The south will look to continue to dominate, following the double victory in game 1.

South Squad - Game 2

G - Eliot Pugh
G - Ben Stowe, Welwyn Warriors
D / FO - Valts Grinbergs, Camden Capybaras
D / FO - Ryan Power, Spencer
D - Peter Shepherd
D - Jacob Nichols-Cook, Hitchin
D - Kyle MacQueen, Hitchin
D - Albert Whitehead, Spencer
D - George Bascom, Leicester City / Hitchin
D - Billy Rawlins, Hampstead
T - Iain Murray, Camden Capybaras
T - Corrie Bruce, Reading
T - Tom Roper, Hillcroft
O - Jude Krommenhoek, Spencer
O - Russell Farrer, Hitchin
O - Sean Keane, Spencer
O - Dan Watson, Spencer
O - Andy Thomas, Welwyn Warriors
O - Rob Harris, Camden Capybaras
O - Will Mallonee, Camden Capybaras

South Development Squad - Game 2

G - Ben Stowe, Welwyn Warriors
G - Charlie Albuery, Camden Capybaras
D / FO - Kieran Garvey, Camden Capybaras
D - Dale Haxton, Hitchin
D - Callum Counihan, East Grinstead
D - Alex Taiano, Hitchin
D - Bence Cserkuti, Nuneaton
D - Asyck Shildt, Bristol Bombers
D - Reece Piper, East Grinstead
D - Juliusz Bokeij, Camden Capybaras
D - Henry Phillips, Bristol Bombers
D - Adam Low, Oxford City
D - Jacob Lynch, Hillcroft
O - Tyler Rodberg, Oxford University
O - Ben King, Bath
O - Travis Payne, Camden Capybaras
O - Sebastian Di Siena, Oxford City
O - Daniel Milson, Bristol Bombers
O - Harry Morton-Smith, Spencer
O - Tripp Davies, Spencer