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2023Exeter Uni14 - 7City of Stoke
2022Nuneaton17 - 7London Uni
2019Welwyn Warriors 212 - 9Bath
2018Cheltenham16 - 5London Uni
2017London Uni21 - 3Cheltenham
2016Hillcroft B16 - 7Plymouth City
2015Oxford Uni12 - 7Warwick Uni
2014London Uni13 - 1Warwick Uni
2013Oxford Uni10 - 6Northampton Town
2012Epsom10 - 8 (OT)Hillcroft A
2011Exeter Uni12 - 5Hillcroft A
2010Cardiff Harlequins A14 - 7Southampton Tridents
2009Spencer 29 - 6Penarth
2008Brighton Panthers10 - 2Portsmouth Uni
2007UWIC18 - 6East Coast
2006East Grinstead10 - 2Swansea Hawks
2005Cambridge Uni10 - 4Southampton Uni
2004Bath Uni17 - 5Cambridge Uni
2003Bath Uni13 - 5Hitchin A
2002Bath Uni12 - 8Hitchin A
2001Walcountian Blues10 - 9Reading Wildcats
2000Penarth29 - 3Walcountian Blues
1998Hitchin A11 - 5Bath Uni
1997Hitchin21 - 3Southampton Uni
1996Kenton A11 - 7Cambridge Uni
1995Croydon A6 - 5Purley A
1993Hitchin A11 - 8Oxford Uni
1992Hillcroft A9 - 3Orpington
1991Beckenham A20 - 2Hampstead A
1988Bath A13 - 7Purley A
1987Croydon A14 - 7Joyce Green
1986Bath18 - 5Joyce Green
1985Three Bridges6 - 4Beckenham A
1984Purley A15 - 14 (SDOT)Swanley
1983Bexleyheath14 - 9Swanley
1982Buckhurst Hill C17 - 6Hillcroft A
1981Oxford Iroquois14 - 3Hillcroft A
1980Buckhurst Hill B12 - 4Oxford Iroquois
1979Barnet19 - 9Buckhurst Hill B
1978Croydon A20 - 0Bexleyheath A
1977Kenton A12 - 6St Helier A
1976St Helier A7 - 5Swanley A
1975Purley C12 - 5Lee B
1974Oxford Iroquois17 - 2Purley C
1973Croydon A22 - 5Kenton A
1972Purley B22 - 9Oxford Iroquois
1971Old Sedcopians A14 - 1Old Hillcrovians
1953Purley B8 - 6Old Sedcopians
1952Henry Thornton School
1951Lee IIChislehurst & Sidcup Grammar School
1950Chislehurst & Sidcup Grammar School
1949Walworth School7 - 0Chislehurst & Sidcup Grammar School
1939Old Dunstonians II
1938Buckhurst Hill II
1937Old Dunstonians II8 - 7Buckhurst Hill II
1936Hampstead II15 - 10Surbiton II
1935Briston Uni14 - 4Old Thorntonians
1934Old Dunstonians II
1933Henry Thornton School8 - 5Dunstonians II
1932Henry Thornton School
1931Hampstead II
1930Surbiton II7 - 6Henry Thornton School
1929Buckhurst Hill II
1928Cambridge Uni II
1927Lee II13 - 6St Dunstans College
1926St Dunstons CollegeLee II
1925Willoughby II6 - 4Hampstead II
1924Catford II7 - 2Willoughby II
1923Catford II
1922Buckhurst Hill II
1921West London
1914West London II
1913Oxford Uni II
1912Lee II16 - 6Croydon
1910St Dunstans College16 - 10Catford II
1908St Dunstans College
1907West London II9 - 7St Dunstan's College
1906Catford II14 - 5West London II
1905Cambridge Uni10 - 4Catford II
1904Woodford II4 - 3Cambridge Uni II
1903Cambridge Uni II5 - 3Blackheath II
1900Leys School
1899Leys School
1898Leys School
1897Leys School
1896Leys School
1895St Dunstans College
1893Honourable Artillery Club
1892Leys School
1890West London